Esenjay Petroleum Corporation specializes in Texas Gulf Coast oil and gas exploration with a combination of lengthy experience and using cutting-edge 3-D seismic technology.

About Esenjay Petroleum Corporation

Esenjay Petroleum Corporation is a privately held company that has specialized in Texas Gulf Coast oil and gas exploration for more than 35 years. We combine our team’s lengthy experience with cutting edge technology to generate drillable prospect opportunities in the Gulf Coast and the Rockies. Esenjay is a vertically integrated company, able to take oil and gas ventures from inception, through investment and finally to drilling and completion. We have participated in over 300 wells during the last 10 years and have operated a majority of them.


Esenjay has a wealth of experience with the broad spectrum of formations and diverse geologic basins along the Gulf Coast. We have prospected in almost every trend along the Gulf, including Frio, Vicksburg, Yegua and Wilcox. In addition to conventional drilling techniques, we have experience using horizontal drilling in unconventional resource plays.

Our Prospects, Our Investments

The prospects we generate are not only our creations, but our investments as well. We have risk dollars – up to 50% working interest – in our prospects and a confidence and sense of responsibility in every project we generate.